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    My Resilience

    It's quite a journey; you'll be amazed, awed, comforted and uplifted by her story and her resilience.

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  • Our Passion Is Hope And Heart
    For Hungry Children

    My name is Sarah Gabriel, and I am the very excited and inspired Founder and Executive Director of the “Many Colours for Hope Foundation”, which came into being in the Spring, 2015! We are an enthusiastic and committed Board of Directors, working together to make positive change, locally and beyond.

    The Foundation’s mission is to support and provide accessible education opportunities for all women and children.

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  • What people are saying

    • Shirley Leonard

      Vernon, BC

      Sarah’s journey to ‘Today’ is one of amazing inner strength, courage, and persistence. Sarah respects the experiences of her past and knows that her vision to educate Sudanese women and children through her daily actions in Canada will make this vision absolutely attainable. Everyone who comes in contact with Sarah is affected for the better by the telling of her ‘Resilience’ journey.

    • Real Rousseau

      Vernon, BC

      I sometimes think I have the best job in the world! On a daily basis I get to work with some amazing people and Sarah is if anything simply an amazing person! Getting to know Sarah, hearing her speak of her dreams and aspirations, and reading her book has truly been an inspiring journey. She is living proof that we all have the ability to make a different if we truly believe

    • Camille Block

      Vernon, BC

      My Resilience has really opened up my eyes to how fortunate I am to live in such a peaceful country. It amazes me all the small luxuries that I’ve grown so used to are unheard of in other countries such as Sudan.

    • Clint Ingham

      Vernon, BC

      My Resilience is inspiring and up-lifting.

  • Sarah’s Journey

    She was eight when the civil war broke out. She thought the sound of guns was thunder and was looking forward to playing in the mud. Before the day was out her neighbours were being shot in the street. Sarah Gabriel remembers the run to the border, refugees eaten by crocodiles, her time in a rebel training camp and then, like magic, being whisked away to a residential boarding school in Cuba. This was a trial all on its own because her father, the SPLM ambassador for South Sudan, was recalled and he and her mother then disappeared! How she found the inner strength to overcome these obstacles, finish school, fly to Canada as a refugee and then prosper there through hard work, is one compelling theme of this book. But beyond that is the story of how Sarah not only found herself, but saved her family. One small girl against the world.
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